10 Ways to Make Your Home Ready to Show

Do you want to sell your home quickly?  Check out these easy steps to prepare your home to both show and sell.

  1. Keep in mind that real estate sells by the square footage, therefore, you should remove all rugs from the floors, with the exception of your living room area rug. This includes kitchen rugs, hallway rugs, and bath mats. Rugs can often make a home look much smaller than it is. By removing them, you are opening up floor space that buyers will most certainly notice. In addition, rugs can give the potential buyers the illusion that you are trying to hide something underneath, such as spills, stains, scratches, etc.
  2. Square footage also includes your countertops, so they must be cleared off. Homebuyers like to see how spacious the kitchen is and items on the countertops makes the kitchen look smaller. Your coffee pot, and perhaps a bowl of fruit, are the only items that should remain on your counters during a showing.
  3. Remove any excess furniture in the home. If you have extra furniture that’s intended for one room but there isn’t space for it, the best practice is not to put it in another room.  Simply pack it away until you’re settled in your new home.  Once again, you want to maximize the space in your home.
  4. Remove ALL excess items from your home. The whole goal is to move, so think of it as “packing”. If you have knickknacks, souvenirs, family photos, china, books, toys, extra clothing, or any other items that can be packed, now is the time to do it.  This principle goes back to making your home look larger, and it cuts down on your packing time when your house sells.  This critical step also prevents potential buyers from focusing on your belongings versus paying attention to the special attributes your home has to offer.
  5. Clean your home, then when you are done cleaning, clean it again. This may seem like an obvious statement; however, it cannot be expressed enough.  A thorough cleaning makes a remarkable difference in how fast, and “IF”, you sell your home at all. Don’t forget to dust thoroughly.  It’s surprising how quickly dust can build up. While you may not notice it, potential buyers will and they have a very difficult time looking past a dirty house.
  6. Remove all curtains from the windows. This not only adds natural light to your home, but it makes the windows and space look much larger. The only exception to this rule is if you do not have the necessary blinds for privacy.
  7. Remove ALL signs of pets. Potential buyers are often hesitant to purchase a home that’s had pets living in it.  All pet beds, trees, food and water bowls, toys, kennels, litter boxes, etc. must be removed or hidden prior to your showing.  Plan on taking Fluffy and Fido with you for a drive around the neighborhood while your house is being shown.
  8. Avoid all the smells in your home. Open up the windows and let the fresh air fill your house. The only smell your potential buyers should smell is CLEAN. We live in a society where more people than not suffer from allergies and you don’t want them having a reaction to sprays or candles while inside your home.
  9. Organize closets and clean out closet floors. The square footage concept also pertains to closet floors.
  10. Prepare a checklist of everything that needs to be removed prior to a showing. The list makes getting everything done as quick as possible and will make is a much less stressful process.

As you can see from this list, the primary ideas are cleanliness and space.  Your goal should be to maximize the overall benefit of both.  These essential steps allow potential buyers to have an instant appreciation of your home and all it has to offer.