3 Ways to Upgrade A Room

1. Add Some Wall Decor

Adding some decor to your room can be an easy way to give a room color, personality, and symmetry. This can also be a great way to cover up marks, cracks, or other things on your wall you might want to hide. Some decor can include:

  • Big Artwork
  • Pretty Photography
  • A cool Mirror

*Bonus Tip – Try adding something seasonal or local.

Living Room With Wall Decor
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2. Use Color

Color, color, color! Color can be a great way to make a room stand out. Whether it’s by adding blue pillows to a white couch, yellow chairs to an open room, or some green plants. It can be a favorite color or even a neutral color like gray or brown. Bringing a room to life with color can make a beautiful improvement.

*Bonus Tip – Using colored texture can be another way to add color.

3. Don’t Forget The Floor

An important part of a home that can often be overlooked is the floor. The floor can be a great way to set the tone to a home. If you want to open your kitchen – try wooden floor. Make your bedroom more comfortable by adding a fluffy rug. Use carpet to bring together a chic and sleek look to your living room. All these and more are great ways to personalize your home.

*Bonus Tip – Floors do not always need to look the same.

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