Do you want your house to look like a pro designed it?  Follow these simple steps, and your home will look like a show home, giving it an immediate impression of class and synchrony.

  • Use multiple mediums when accessorizing.  Try to include an element of wicker, wood, glass, ceramic, and metal in each room.  Also, each room should have a plant or flowers in it.  Artificial flowers or plants are a good alternative and the look is currently very trendy.  A huge advantage of using artificial greenery is that you don’t have to worry about it wilting or losing its shape and color.
  • When accessorizing, make sure one medium isn’t directly on top of another. For example, avoid placing a glass vase on a glass table.  Instead, put wood, metal, ceramic, or wicker on the glass table.  This well-placed mixture gives the home a feeling of warmth and depth.
  • Remember the rule of odd numbers. When placing decorative pillows on a bed or accessories on a table, be sure to use an odd number of them.  This easy rule of thumb balances out the design concept.
  • Utilize both the vertical and horizontal space of the home. Try to have accessories at multiple levels.  If you are using three accessories on a table, make sure they are of varying heights and widths.  It draws attention to the home by making it interesting.
  • Hang all art at eye level, although it must be at the “average” eye level. Example: A six foot person should not hang the art at “their” eye level, otherwise the artwork will be too high and will immediately shrink the ceiling height. The only exception to this rule is within the dining room where all art should be placed at eye level when sitting.  Why?  Because the dining room is an area where sitting is more common, allowing your diners to appreciate your art during dinner.