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5 Ways to Design Like a Pro

Do you want your house to look like a pro designed it?  Follow these simple steps, and your home will look like a show home, giving it an immediate impression of class and synchrony. Use multiple mediums when accessorizing.  Try to include an element of wicker, wood, glass, ceramic, and metal in each room.  Also, each room should have a plant or flowers in it.  Artificial flowers or plants are a good alternative and the look is currently very [...]

10 Ways to Make Your Home Ready to Show

Do you want to sell your home quickly?  Check out these easy steps to prepare your home to both show and sell. Keep in mind that real estate sells by the square footage, therefore, you should remove all rugs from the floors, with the exception of your living room area rug. This includes kitchen rugs, hallway rugs, and bath mats. Rugs can often make a home look much smaller than it is. By removing them, you are opening up [...]

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Expertise in Design & Staging

In today’s market, where most buyers have more sophisticated taste and often lack the vision to see the potential in a home, realtors and sellers need to go beyond the basics to make their homes show well. Home staging is an affordable way to assure a quick sale for top dollar.

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