The Attention is in the Details

Our company consists of staging and design professionals who consistently provide outstanding customer service, create stunning and welcoming stages without missing a single detail, while respecting and taking excellent precautions when working in other peoples’ homes.

We are very proud of our employees, our work, our reputation, and our established list of successful and satisfied clientele!



Our clients know that attempting to sell a “vacant” home is only helping their competitors. Quality home staging provides you with a competitive edge, making it nearly impossible for your prospective buyers to forget the home once they’ve walked through the door.

Our team of Professional Home Stagers will create an elegant and modern design plan that is specific to each individual property.  We are incredibly skilled at addressing all spacing needs (both too small OR too big), traffic flow issues, coloring concerns, dated interiors, and flawed construction designs.

Due to our extensive inventory, every stage consists of new, stylish furniture, area rugs, artwork, beds, bedding, lamps, décor, and more. We stop at nothing to make sure we didn’t miss a single detail, and on our way out we leave a gorgeous welcome mat at the front door. You can be assured that your listing will stand out amongst similar priced homes and that your professional photos will have the necessary “WOW” factor they need to generate showings.

Pricing: Starting at $375/room *Home staging prices vary based on square footage and individual staging needs.

We want you to get the biggest return for your investment, therefore, we highly encourage you book the “Ultimate Market” package, which includes the living room, dining room, and master bedroom. Studies and experience have shown these three rooms are critical in order to truly seal the deal with your prospective buyers.  As always, we throw in the kitchen and master bathroom at no charge when you book our Ultimate Market Package.

Our clients will be the first to tell you that “Staging is always cheaper than your first price reduction!”



Take advantage of our consultations where we meet, one on one, with yourself and/or your clients to provide a “fresh eye” from a design and marketing perspective. We literally walk through the home room by room giving our professional guidance and recommendations on changes to make in order to showcase the home at its highest potential. During the consultation we discuss what we know to be the most essential rule when listing an occupied home… “Selling a home “as is” will only help sell someone else’s home.”

During this time we address every white elephant there is, including, but definitely not limited to, furniture layout, traffic flow, paint choices, repairs, organization, cleanliness, odors, pets, personal collections, taxidermy (dead animals), pets (live animals), plants, and more. We recognize that moving is incredibly stressful and that our belongings multiply the longer we live in our homes, which is why we help identify items that should be left out for showing versus which items should be packed away.

Our consultations typically take 1 – 2 hours and are highly recommended and utilized by numerous Realtors and homeowners throughout Mesa County.

Pricing: $150 Flat Fee

The way you live in your home and the way you market your home are two different things!”

Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging


Home staging doesn’t always mean the home must be vacant in order for us to help you out.

With that said, our inventory is all brand new and/or in “excellent” condition and is not meant for daily use by any of our clients or visitors. However, on a limited case by case basis, we will offer staging in empty/unused rooms of the home and may also provide A’ la carte furnishings and decorative items such as artwork and décor to help upscale the occupied home.

Examples of a partial stage would be having us provide a dining room table, chairs, artwork, and decor in a home that is using the dining room for a different purpose, yet to sell the home it is imperative to stage this room as an actual “dining room”.  Another example is to replace older, run down furniture in a formal living room with elegant furnishings that will give the appearance of a well kept and maintained home. These significant changes give the impression of increased value, which often results in a higher profit at the closing table. Or perhaps, there is an empty overly large, or odd shaped, downstairs that no one can envision what to do with. We can bring in a sofa, game tables, and even a ping pong table, to give this unused room a purpose the potential buyers can grab onto to begin deciding what they would do with this space.

Pricing: Varies



We have helped many local homeowners by working with them one on one to create a design that displays their unique personality and style. Selecting the right paint color, furnishings, and décor is something many people often want a second opinion on, or perhaps, would like someone to do the majority of the project for them.

While our staff are not “licensed” Interior Designers, we do have excellent design sense and can provide you with a list of clients who will tell you how delighted they have been with our design assistance and customer service. We quickly find that our design clients end up turning into lifetime friendships, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Pricing: Varies *Project price is determined after an initial consultation for us to learn more about your goals and your individual budget.

Design consultation price: $75

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